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Tips for Kids' Digital Safety

Tips for Kids' Digital Safety - Blog | Assurance Wireless

Use this helpful guide to protect children online, with online resources and increased access from T-Mobile's Project 10Million.

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How to Help Keep Kids Safe Online: 3 Important Steps

It’s no secret that today’s children are surrounded by technology. This has made it much easier for kids to stay connected. They can let us know they made it home from school or check in from a friend’s house.

Technology and the internet have also unlocked exciting learning and entertainment opportunities. However, technology and the internet can present some risks. In our increasingly digital world, how do we make sure the kids in our lives are as safe online as possible? 

As the adults in their lives, whether parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles or caring neighbors, there are powerful steps we can take to help keep kids safe. Let’s take a closer look at why this matters and 3 ways to help get this done.

Why Does Digital Safety Matter?

The online world can be a great place for children. It provides chances to learn, be creative and connect with loved ones. But it also has dangers like cyberbullying, inappropriate content and online predators. The good news: Staying safe online is more achievable with a few simple steps.

3 Ways to Help Kids Stay Safe Online

  1. Encourage them to talk about what happens online.
    Create trust so they can ask for help. It's important to establish open communication with children about online activities. Make sure they feel comfortable seeking guidance when needed.
  2. Update their privacy settings.
    Privacy settings are available on social media, games and other apps to manage who can see and talk to them online. Simple changes like making accounts private can make a big difference. These settings should be quickly adaptable when you go to account settings.
  3. Set up parental controls and monitor kids' internet use.
    Parental controls protect kids from seeing inappropriate content. Setting up parental controls and checking in regularly with their usage is recommended. Platforms like ConnectSafely offer a range of tools to help guardians effectively manage and monitor their child's online activity.

Other Resources

As adults, we must ensure the safety and well-being of the kids in our communities. Stay informed, communicate openly and take advantage of free internet resources for kids. Websites like Common Sense and Internet Safety 101 are great resources for adults guiding children through the digital world. To help students with internet connectivity for online learning, T-Mobile started Project 10Million which provides eligible households with free mobile hotspots and data to access the internet.

Find out more and apply now for Project 10Million to support your child’s academic success. Let's help kids use technology well and keep them safe online—always.

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