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Music Playlists for Summer

Music Playlists for Summer - Blog | Assurance Wireless

Use this guide to find free summer playlists (or create your own!) with help from Assurance Wireless. 

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Popular Music Playlists for Your Summer With Assurance Wireless

Are you ready for your soundtrack to summer?

Music has a special way of bringing people together. With your Assurance Wireless Lifeline plan data, you can access free music straight from your phone. It’s right at your fingertips! Here’s our guide to finding and creating playlists for the season.

Free Services for Playlists

Good news: there are plenty of free streaming services for music. These include Spotify, Jango, SoundCloud, YouTube Music and more. Each platform offers a ton of songs, playlists and recommendations. Experiment with each platform to find your favorite. There’s truly no wrong answer!

Note: Some free apps & services may show you ads, offer in-app purchases, or offer paid versions of the same app or service. Make sure you select the free version.

How to Create Your Own Playlist

Creating a playlist is like having a personalized radio station. You’ll love every song! Luckily, creating playlists on free music streaming platforms is easy. You can follow these steps on most platforms:

  1. Open the platform and navigate to your music library. It will be linked on the front page.
  2. Click on “Create playlist.” This may be marked by a plus sign or other icon.
  3. Name your playlist - it can be anything you want! Make sure you hit Save.
  4. Use the search bar to find songs to add. You can search by song title, album title or artist name. The platform may offer suggestions.
  5. Click “Add to playlist” - you may need to select the three dots next to each song to do this.
  6. Repeat until you’ve added all the songs you want. As a rule of thumb, 24-40 songs is a great amount for a playlist.

Collaborate With Friends & Family

Creating a playlist with others is a fun way to stay connected virtually. When you listen, it will remind you of your loved ones. You can also collaborate on a playlist before an event, like family reunions or neighborhood barbecues. Ask them to add their favorite songs, and you may discover a new artist or band! Or create a theme for the playlist, like “Throwback Songs,” “90s Favorites,” “Summer Jams” and more.

How to co-create a playlist:

  1. Share with friends and family by going to the playlist page. Then, click the three dots near the top of the page.
  2. Click “Share” or “Invite collaborators” or similar.
  3. Some platforms let you share the collaboration invite in apps like WhatsApp and Facebook. Others copy the link to the playlist so you can paste it anywhere, like a text message.

Playlists: A Soundtrack for Your Life

Music makes a great companion for events and activities. From front porch bops to fast-paced beats, there’s no limit to the types of playlists you can create. Need some inspiration? Here are a few great occasions and reasons to listen:

  • Car Rides: Whether you’re running errands or road-tripping, music can help the time pass. If you’re riding along with friends, it can also create a sense of bonding.
  • Exercise: Picking music with a fast tempo will help your body get into a rhythm! It can also distract you from fatigue or boredom until your workout is over.
  • Family Reunions: Creating a playlist as a family can build anticipation and connection before your big event. Plus, you’ll learn about each other and everyone’s favorite songs!
  • Summer Barbecues: Set the mood for your next cookout. Playing music will create a welcoming atmosphere. It can boost energy and encourage people to relax and have fun.

We hope these music tips help you make the most of your summer with Assurance Wireless. Enjoy the season and the beats!

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