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Beyond Cell Service: 6 Unique Benefits for Assurance Wireless Customers

Beyond Cell Service: 6 Unique Benefits for Assurance Wireless Customers - Blog | Assurance Wireless

Take advantage of unique benefits if you're eligible for Assurance Wireless, from keeping your number to earning rewards.

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Beyond Cell Service: 6 Unique Benefits for Assurance Wireless Customers

In today's world, having a reliable cell phone and network isn’t optional—it’s critical. Luckily, at Assurance Wireless, we’re dedicated to offering both free phones and free cell service to eligible customers. Wondering what else we offer? This blog post is for you!

Here are 6 exciting benefits available to members of the Assurance Wireless family:

  1. Flexibility: Bring Your Own Phone (BYOP)
    We get that a phone is more than just a device—it’s part of your identity. When you switch to Assurance Wireless, you don’t have to worry about giving up your device. Whether it's keeping precious photos and memories, important passwords or personalized settings, we make it easy to switch to our service without skipping a beat. Check if your phone is compatible and switch service. It’s easier than you think!
  2. Consistency: Keep Your Number
    Changing phone numbers can be a pain, disrupting connections with friends, family and important contacts. Good news: Assurance Wireless allows you to keep your current phone number when you switch. Once your new SIM Card is installed, simply call Customer Care at 1-888-321-5880 to get your existing number transferred and stay easily connected to loved ones.
  3. Choice: Upgrade Your Phone
    We’re proud to offer free phones, but did you know that upgrading to a premium device is also a breeze? We understand that you may want more advanced features. With a variety of phones that are guaranteed to work with Assurance Wireless plans, customers can enjoy long-lasting batteries, large screens, powerful cameras and more. You can shop online to find premium phone options. And with multiple payment plans available, upgrading has never been easier.
  4. Rewards: Refer a Friend Program
    That’s right, you can save money AND make money with Assurance Wireless. Through the Refer a Friend program, our customers can earn a $20 gift card for each person they refer who is approved and maintains service for 45 consecutive days. It's a win-win situation to help loved ones stay connected while earning some extra cash. Terms and restrictions apply.
  5. Connection: International Calling
    Distance should never stop you from connecting with loved ones across the globe. That’s why we offer international calling options, ensuring you can stay connected. Whether it's staying in touch with family abroad or contacting international locations to conduct business, Assurance Wireless has you covered. We offer separate plans for customers in all states other than California (CA) or Texas (TX) and customers in CA or TX.
  6. Protection: T-Mobile Network & Scam Protection
    Get the benefits of T-Mobile’s massive network with Assurance Wireless. As part of the T-Mobile family, we provide service you can trust and keep you safe with free scam protection tools like Scam ID and Scam Block, which help identify and prevent illegal scam calls. You must turn on Scam Block by dialing #662#. Turning on Scam Block might block calls you want, simply dial #632# to turn it off.

We go beyond simply offering free phone service. At Assurance Wireless, we help you stay connected, informed and safe. Whether it's bringing your own phone, keeping your number, upgrading devices, earning rewards, staying connected internationally or prioritizing safety, Assurance Wireless is committed to unlocking the power of communication and connection for all.

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