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Summer Staycation: Enjoy the Summer

Summer Staycation: Enjoy the Summer - Blog | Assurance Wireless

Looking for inexpensive summer “staycation” tips? Assurance Wireless offers seven ways to connect with family and friends inexpensively.

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Summer Staycation Ideas Enjoy These Seven Low-Cost Activities

Summer is finally here! After spending the last few years apart, many of us are looking forward to connecting with friends and family in person again. But what fun things can we do that won’t break the bank?

This year, lots of people are looking for inexpensive ways to get together close to home. If a staycation is in your summertime plans, here are seven hot suggestions:

  1. Plant a garden (no yard necessary).
    Try container gardening on your balcony or patio—or even near a sunny window. Tomatoes, peas, lettuce, peppers and other vegetables and herbs grow well in containers. They’re also fun to grow in the yard or a community garden. You can encourage friends and family to garden, too. Or invite them to help you freeze or can some of your bountiful harvest. That way, you can savor the taste of summer any time of year. But best of all, gardens inspire us to sit at the table together and enjoy fresh, delicious food all summer long.
  2. Have a potluck picnic.
    Picnics are another great opportunity to gather around food, especially when everyone brings a dish to share. Backyard picnics are one option. But if your local regulations allow it, you could meet at a park, playground or community center.
  3. Take a hike.
    You might be amazed by what you see just walking around your neighborhood. Or by getting everyone together to explore a local trail, park or wilderness area. A hike through the trees might make everyone feel better, too. Studies show that getting out in nature may be an excellent way to help lower stress.
  4. Go geocaching or stargazing.
    You can join community-wide outdoor activities with free apps and GPS on your mobile phone. A geocaching app, for example, lets you hunt for “treasures” hidden all over the Earth. A stargazing app lets you navigate the stars in the sky.
  5. Create an activity jar.
    This is especially useful for entertaining young kids during the summer. Have them write down on a slip of paper an easy activity they’d like to do—like bake cookies or build a blanket fort, for example. Fold the papers and put them in a jar. Then, pick randomly from the jar to decide what you’ll do together.
  6. Check out a festival or museum.
    Do a quick online search of “festivals near me” or “free museums near me.” It may turn up options you didn’t even know existed! The warm summer months offer ideal weather for attracting festival crowds—or for visiting a museum to cool off and learn something new.
  7. Volunteer.
    Helping others is something everyone can do all year long. And it can start right at home! Organize a neighborhood cleanup with your friends and neighbors, for example. You never know where a simple act of kindness can lead.

The summer of 2023 is the perfect time to connect—or reconnect—with friends and family. With a little bit of creativity, you can make it a summer to remember!

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