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Connection Value of Phone Plans

Connection Value of Phone Plans - Blog | Assurance Wireless

Use these helpful tips to help you stay connected to family and friends with your new cell phone, free with the Assurance Wireless phone service plan.

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Stay Connected With Friends and Family, Near and Far—4 Fun Ideas

Spending quality time with the people we love doesn’t always have to happen in person. Whether your friends and family live down the block or across the country, there are so many ways to stay close virtually. From voice memos to group chats, video calls to gaming apps, it’s never been easier to connect!

Here are 4 clever ways to connect with your loved ones, wherever they are.

  1. Enjoy The Bond of Cooking With Recipe Sharing.
    Sharing food is a great way to connect, even if you can’t be together in person. With hundreds of recipe websites to explore on your phone, you can discover exciting new dishes and pass them along to your loved ones. Think of it as a Book Club turned Cook Club — simply select a new recipe you’d like to try, take a photo of your final product and then send the recipe link to friends and family!
  2. Send a Video Message When You Can’t Be There in Person.
    Life is full of precious moments, from first birthdays to graduations to retirements. Whether you can attend or not, sending videos to your loved ones is a great way to show you are thinking about them while providing a more personal keepsake. Set up your phone on a stable surface, press record and share your feelings. Or create a slideshow video with photos from memories past. You can also record a sweet in-person moment, like a toast or group hug, and maybe even capture special milestones, like baby’s first steps! It is sure to make your friend or family member smile.
  3. Hold Virtual (And Consistent) Game Nights.
    Gaming has evolved into a social activity, enabling friends and family to have a great time together even from afar. Organize virtual game nights where you can play multiplayer games with your loved ones. There are plenty of websites and apps that offer free online games, from trivia to card games and even virtual board games! Encourage friendly competition, laughter and a positive atmosphere for everyone involved.
  4. Share a Laugh — Send Each Other Funny Videos.
    Sharing entertaining videos can bring a lot of joy and laughter to your loved ones that can add positivity to the rest of their day. By sharing videos that resonate with you, you create opportunities for them to connect with your interests, preferences and sense of humor. If you find a video you like, look for the arrow “share” button to send the link as a text message.

  • Bonus Tip: How to Create a Group Text!
    On most messaging apps, you can go to Messages > New Chat or Compose > To or Recipients and type the name of the first contact and select it, then repeat for remaining contacts.

When physical distances may separate us, your Assurance Wireless device and free phone service offer endless possibilities to stay connected. Learn if you might qualify for a free cell phone and service through Assurance Wireless by clicking the button below.

Note: Some free apps & services may show you ads, offer in-app purchases, or offer paid versions of the same app or service. Make sure you select the free version. Data rates may apply.

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