The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) is now using a National Lifeline Eligibility Verifier to review an applicant's Lifeline eligibility. It will be used each year when you complete Annual Certification.

Colorado, Idaho, Mississippi, Missouri, North Carolina,  New Hampshire, New Mexico, Pennsylvania, Tennessee and Utah will be the first states to use the National Verifier.

How will this affect you?

Current Assurance Wireless Customer?

If you're already an Assurance Wireless customer and your Lifeline Anniversary date is January 1, 2018 or later, your Lifeline account will be reviewed by the National Verifier - this process is called reverification. If the National Verifier can match your record in Federal or state databases of Lifeline-qualifying programs, then you won’t need to do anything to complete the reverification process. You will need to continue using your phone often to keep your service.

If the National Verifier cannot match your record, then Assurance Wireless will reach out to you so you can provide a copy of your documentation that proves your eligibility. We’ll tell you how, when and where you need to send that information. In the meantime, it’s a good idea to find your documentation. You may need to provide documents to prove your eligibility or your identity or you may need to verify your address or complete a Lifeline Program Household Worksheet.

Remember: Whether you’re a new or existing customer, you MUST make a call, send a text or go online from your Assurance Wireless phone often or you will lose your FREE Lifeline service.