California Program Description
Assurance Wireless, a California LifeLine Provider

The California FREEdomSM Plan from Assurance Wireless
FREE Phone &
Unlimited FREE Voice Minutes &
Unlimited FREE Texts Each Month
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Lifeline Program:
Assurance Wireless is a California LifeLine provider. Lifeline is a government benefit program. Brought to you by Virgin Mobile, Assurance Wireless provides Lifeline service supported by the federal Universal Service Fund and the California LifeLine Program.

Qualifications: Enrollment in this government benefit program is available to consumers who qualify based on federal or state-specific eligibility criteria. You may qualify if you are on certain public assistance programs, like Medi-Cal or Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP). You can also qualify based on your household income.

Proof of Eligibility: You must provide proof of program participation or proof of income.

One Lifeline Discount per Household: Discounts provided by the California and federal Lifeline programs are limited to one per household. Separate households that live at the same address are eligible, including residents of homeless shelters and nursing homes. Residents with temporary addresses are also eligible. A household is defined as any individual or group of individuals who live together at the same address and share income and expenses.


Even if you’re enrolled with another California and/or federal Lifeline provider, it’s easy to switch to the California FREEdomSM Plan from Assurance Wireless. If you are approved, you can even keep your phone number. If you switch to Assurance Wireless, your California LifeLine and federal Lifeline discounts (as applicable) will be switched from your current provider to Assurance Wireless - since only one wireless or wireline Lifeline discount is allowed per household.

In its place, you will get a FREE cell phone & Unlimited FREE voice minutes & Unlimited FREE texts each month.

Want additional services?

You can take advantage of additional services by adding money to your account using a credit/debit card, PayPalTM or a Virgin Mobile Top-Up card available at thousands of stores across the country.
  • Data: $1.50/MB (domestic only)
  • 411 service at $1.75 per call + standard airtime charge
  • And much more
Offer available for eligible CA customers (select areas) only and is non-transferable. Int'l & Data services may be extra per plan. Phone models based on availability and may vary depending on inventory. Consumers who willfully make false statements in order to obtain the benefit can be punished by fine or imprisonment or can be barred from the program. Unlike a traditional wireline phone, a wireless handset may be removed from the home. By removing a wireless cell phone from a residence that does not have other phone services, residents may not have a way to make 911 calls during an emergency. Also, wireless service may experience interruptions due to weather conditions, terrain or gaps in service coverage. Customers de-enrolled from the Lifeline program may use service with funds remaining in the account for max. 150 days, after which account expires and balance is forfeited unless customer adds funds to the account. State and local sales taxes and fees may apply. Minimum Top-Up of $10 may be required. Coverage not available everywhere. Offers not available in all states/areas. Nationwide coverage area reaches more than 281 million people. Virgin Mobile® USA network services are provided on the Nationwide Sprint® Network. Visit to check coverage in your area. Network management rules apply. Visit Assurance Wireless' Important Service/Product and General Terms of Conditions on
Assurance Wireless is brought to you by Virgin Mobile USA and is a Lifeline Assistance program supported by the federal Universal Service Fund. Service within nationwide coverage area reaching more than 282 million people. Assurance Wireless is not available in all states/areas. Offer limited to eligible customers (varies by state) residing in selected geographic areas and is non-transferable. Visit for a detailed map and to check if service is available in your area. Coverage not available everywhere. Other restrictions apply. News Room   |   Contact Us   |   En Español
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